Barbara Kapusta
She makes her body glitch
Vinyl lettering on acrylic
60 x 42 cm
Ed 10 + 2 AP

€ 600,- (incl. VAT)


Barbara Kapusta (*1983, living and working in Vienna) reflects on current questions about the relationship between body identity and an existence determined by technology.
In her edition the hand, a recurring motif in Kapusta’s work, frames in a wobbly form a short, fragmented narration. The hand is the signifier for the human body, as well as the central way we interface with technology.
The pronoun „she“ and the naming of a body refer as well to a human in an analog space. But the glitch – the unexpected appearance of a problem in computer programs – the brief disappearance of the body and the green of the image carrier refer to a digital world. Kapusta combines parts of the various elements with self-evidence and equal value that might leave the spectator irritated at first. The body becomes recognizable as a permeable and deformable medium that is threatened by fragmentation and heteronomy, but at the same time has a resistant, self-determined potential to adapt into a technohuman world.

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