François Morellet
Chartres vert orange
Silkscreen print on PVC Paper
60 x 60 cm
Ed 200, signed and numbered

€ 480,–

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François Morellet’s (*1926 – 2016) is famous for his abstract works, which depict infinite structures of geometric or stylized elements, reflecting his application of predefined rules that were also determined by chance.

The silkscreen print refers to the stained glass windows of the Chartres Cathedral in France and was part of a portfolio of editions, entitled: « 9 x 5 konkret. 9 Künstler. 5 Farben » (Adrian, Alviani, Bill, Calderara, Loewensberg, Mavignier, Novosad, Wilding, Morellet)

The work comes out of a private collection, was never framed and is in perfect condition.