With the aim to connect contemporary art with every-day life, the unique art initiative museum in progress organises exhibitions not in common exhibition spaces. All projects take place in media such as newspapers and magazines, or in public space on the façades of buildings, on billboards and in concert halls.

Many of its projects got published in the daily newspaper Der Standard over the years. Depending on their artistic practice, the artists engage differently with the media of the newspaper. Christian Marclay for example published an instruction to create a performative piece out of the newspaper itself, Maria Lassnig’s film stills remind of cartoons, which can be found often in common newspapers and Kara Walker presents a quite political image as a silhouette. Others, like Lawrence Weiner, Douglas Gordon or Yoko Ono, use language in their contributions.

The role of museum in progress in art history was recognised early on by museums like the MoMA in New York, mumok Vienna or Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, which already included the wittnesses of its work in their collections.

and the editions collaborates closely with museum in progress and can offer a selection of its newspaper multiples from the institution´s archive, as well as some editions which get published on the occasion and in support of the latest projects.